SIP Telephony

This is one of the voice transmission protocols, which is based on the IP telephony principles. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol.

The connection between subscribers is carried out only via a dedicated channel, without using other technologies. This allows to link the number to a specific user, and not to a general location. For example, the SIP protocol is used in Skype, as well as in call tracking services.

Technology Advantages

  • Budget economy. It is much cheaper to connect this protocol than to provide an office with an analog PBX. On top of that, you have a multi-channel number at your disposal, excellent connection speed and quality. You can easily increase the number of operators in your network with minimal time and money.
  • Speed of telephony of any new location. SIP Telephony technology is very fast and easy to connect. Even 3G or 4G mobile Internet is suitable for a stable connection.
  • The payment is made only at the basic rates for telephone services, regardless of the subscriber’s location. This is very convenient for large companies with an extensive network of representative offices, branches, departments in different cities.
  • Integration of telephony with analytics systems, 1C, CRM. For example, using this protocol in the call tracking service, you can check various metrics: the efficiency of operators, the sales department, track advertising channels through which clients come, and much more. All this increases the efficiency of advertising campaigns and the level of service.
  • The protocol works perfectly with callback modules, missed calls on the website. Together, they increase the conversion rates of calls to the application by an average of 60%.
  • The SIP connection is well protected from external listening, which cannot be said about analog communication lines.
  • The technology allows you to create a remote call center without spending money on the purchase of stationary equipment and office rental.
  • Many options – voice mail, forwarding between employees and departments, answering machine, voice menu. Also, the SIP technology allows you to put down the order of calls, focusing on the loading of managers, record conversations.
  • Availability of software for any operation systems, mobile devices, smartphones.
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